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Ang Buhay ng Platero

| The Life of a Goldsmith |

The fire that melts the gold also tempers the craftsman.

Being a goldsmith is no easy feat, but Regie and Melanie Rellama of RSR Jewelry and Repair Shop has proven that success comes with hard work and determination. 

For over 17 years, they have overcome numerous challenges in the jewelry repair business. From complicated repairs to challenging clients, they have persevered through it all. 

Through their dedication and commitment, they have established themselves as experts in the jewelry business. 

Their story serves as a reminder that no matter how tough the road may be, you can achieve your goals with grit and resilience.

Reggie and Melanie of RSR Jewelries

Humble beginnings

Regie and Melanie Rellama share a unique bond that started when they were childhood friends in Camarines Norte. 

Life was tough growing up. So Regie decided to explore other opportunities elsewhere. 

He went on to look for opportunities in Bulacan, where he started as an aide in jewelry shops. 

His job involved cleaning and assisting the plateros while eyeing how they get things done.

The Story Continues...

During this time, Reggie became fascinated by the work of the plateros and developed a keen interest in learning more about jewelry making.

With the guidance of experienced goldsmiths, Reggie started working as an apprentice. 

And over time, he learned how to create exquisite, eye-catching jewelry pieces and became an expert platero.


Fate brought them back together years later when they reconnected through a common friend. 

They soon realized that their friendship had blossomed into something more.

Regie would call and visit Melanie frequently, traveling from Bulacan to Tagaytay, where Melanie worked as a front desk officer. 

Until one day, Regie mustered up the courage to ask Melanie’s hand in marriage. 

Melanie didn’t believe it initially, thinking about how Regie often joked about these things. 

Imagine her surprise when Regie walked up to their dorm, knocked on the door, asking her to pack up and go with him to start a family. 

Thus started their life as husband and wife, looking forward to a bright future.

Photos of Melanie and Reggie Rellama

Regie and Melanie’s journey to success wasn’t easy. 

Despite all the things he picked up from fellow plateros, he felt like he needed to learn more. 

So he took a bold step and explored different locations to master the craft of jewelry making. 

For four long years, he learned jewelry-making approaches and techniques through master artisans in Bulacan, Mandaluyong, and even all the way to the south in Parañaque. 

He risked everything, even working without pay, to upgrade his skills and knowledge.

Meanwhile, Melanie also worked tirelessly to help support their family by running a sari-sari store at home.

She started with the essential commodities, from Filipino snacks and canned goods to sacks of rice and other goods for the home.  

But then, Melanie started to play with the idea of selling silver jewelry door-to-door, which proved to be a hit.

With more people buying from them, Regie and Melanie grew their network and, slowly but surely, started making a name for themselves in the industry.

As time passed, more and more clients put their trust in Regie and Melanie. 

Regie mastered the craft of jewelry making and repair while teaching Melanie the ins and outs of the business. 

They also started to cater to more customized jewelry designs and repairs with daily deliveries all over the metro. 

It was challenging to keep up with the deliveries, especially with the traffic around the metro. 

Because of this, they started to think of establishing their shop in Greenhills, a well-known hub for jewelry and precious gemstones. 

Regie started talking to one of his clients, who lent them the capital to create their shop, Mariel Jewelry Repair

200K to start your own business. You’d think it was enough, but it wasn’t. 

After setting up shop, they were left with a measly PhP 5000, not even enough to hire personnel for the day. 

So Regie went to work and used his network in Greenhills to cover the funds they needed to keep their shop going. 

200K Shot to Success

RSR Team
Melanie Rellama of RSR

“It was hard for us. We needed to make a lot of sacrifices to make it work. Every day we had to commute long hours to get to work. We ate banana cue for months on end to save on costs. I told myself there would come a time when I would have my car, and my kids would live comfortably. And that dream drove us to keep on going, especially during the most challenging times.” – Melanie

Thailand Gem Fair
Getting New Equipments
Japan Fair

Business is Thriving

Regie and Melanie’s dedication paid off as RSR Jewelry became a sought-after repair shop, thanks to their investment in state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional client relations.

Melanie’s personalized service ensured each client’s needs were met, while Regie managed the team and shared his expertise with other artisans.

Their transparent and trustworthy reputation earned them loyal clients, who trusted them with their precious jewelry.

3D Ring Computer Design
Custom Designed Ring
3D Ring Computer Design
Custom Designed Ring
Reggie Rellama of RSR

Forward to the future

“My dream is to help provide opportunities to the future generation who wants to learn about jewelry repair and design. I want to pass on the knowledge and desire to create beautiful pieces of art just like how it was for me.” – Regie

RSR Jewelry and Repair Shop stand out in its belief in constant improvement. 

On top of upholding the traditional jewelry-making craft in Bulacan, Regie also spends his time learning more about new technologies that improve the craft. 

Regie continues to invest in learning about 3D printing, AutoCAD tools, and the latest technology to create unique jewelry designs. 

With these tools, he creates intricate designs that were impossible to achieve manually. 

He also collaborates with other designers and artists to push the boundaries of traditional jewelry making. 

RSR Jewelry aspires to be known for its bespoke jewelry designs, where clients could work closely with Regie and his team to create unique pieces that reflect their style.

Regie also enlists the help of their oldest son in creating unique bespoke jewelry designs using the latest tools and technology. 

Custom Designed ring